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Windows 7 SP-1 Starter 32-Bit DVD-ROM - Used to Repair, Recovery, Restore, and Re-Install.


Windows 7 SP-1 Starter 32-Bit DVD-ROM – Used to Repair, Recovery, Restore, and Re-Install.


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It is a full version of windows so you can re-install Windows. All you will need is YOUR PRODUCT KEY. Why you need this item: Anyone who owns a desktop, laptop, netbook or workstation manufactured by Dell, Alienware, HP, Compaq, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, Gateway, Acer, Emachines, IBM, Lenovo, Asus, Fujitsu, MSI, etc. that shipped with Windows 7 but you lost your disk or your hard drive failed. (Even if you don’t see your manufacturer listed here, it will still work) Anyone who replaced their hard drive due to failure or perhaps an upgrade to an SSD. Anyone who wants to switch from 32bit to 64bit, or clean reinstallation without all that software that is included by the above manufacturers.

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  • Windows 7 Starter x86 – Re-Install, Repair and/or Restore. Repair your non-working Windows operating system effectively, setting like when it was NEW, back to factory fresh condition computer. Easy Recovery Steps for Windows. Save time and money.
  • You will need your Windows 7 Product Key to activate. This product does not come with a COA or Product Key.
  • Works on PCs and laptops and is Fully Compatible with All Computer Manufactures including Dell, Compaq, Acer, Asus, Sony, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo.
  • It will re install your original computer settings as if you bought a new computer. This disc will allow you to re-install windows on a new hard drive, or recover your existing version of windows if you are having system or software failure. Re Install with your license key! Simple and easy to use, no guess work if you’re not sure. Use it without technical skills.


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